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DAR's Authentication

PGP/ GnuPG key

GPG key has been renewed over time, the latest is the one to use to exchange data with the author, while older keys are still necessary to validate the integrity of older releases. Depending on the release time, the following keys have been used:

From April 2nd, 2002 to September 12th, 2012
all released packages and communications have been signed with the following PGP public key, having a fingerprint of 3D7F 383C B41E 33D7 0250 A9AC A42E 4223 C818 1A52
From September 13th, 2012 to January 5th, 2022
this PGP public key was in use. It has the fingerprint: 3B31 29AF 1DDD EFA5 A37D 818F 0831 B0BD 03D8 B182
Since January 6th, 2022
this new key PGP public key is in use. It has the fingerprint: 1BE4 7606 A74F 178C 7328 43B0 5F64 5B19 16D5 6546

The signature does only proves that Denis Corbin has personally released the sources or binary package. This means there is no malicious code inside the signed packages (If you trust him, of course).