Dar Documentation


1 - Packages Signature

Source packages and binary packages for windows are signed with author's GPG key. You can find the signatures for released packages on the home page and on its mirror site. Binary packages for your distro have to be fetched from your distro's site which will probably provide you electronic signatures.

2 - Source Packages

Source packages can be found on sourceforge, if you don't trust sourceforge check the package GPG signatures as described above.

3 - Binary packages for Linux

All Linux distribution do provide a binary package for dar/libdar. In fact, the dar source package is most of the time split into tree or more packages, one for libdar library, a second for the dar command-line tools and a third for the dar documentation.

4 - Binary package for Windows

Binary packages for windows are provided on sourceforge.

There is several point to be aware when using dar under windows:

the binary package is a *.zip file (thus you need winzip to unpack it). It contains a subdirectory (named dar) you will have to extract where you want in your directory tree. Optionally you can add the path to dar in the PATH variable in autoexec.bat. Considering dar has been extracted under C:\dar you can add the following line in autoexec.bat:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Dar

then you have to reboot. (Just kidding ! This was to respect the Windows usage and way of life ;-) ) Else if you don't setup the PATH variable, you need to specify the full path to dar executables to use them from the Windows command-line prompt.


Note that path given to dar suite's program must respect the UNIX way (use slashes "/" not back slashes "\") thus you have to have to use /temp in place of \temp. Moreover, drive letters cannot be used the usual way,  like c:\windows\system32. Instead you will have to give the following path /cygdrive/c/windows/system32. As you see the /cygdrive directory is a virtual directory that has all the drives as children directories :

X:\some\file  has to be written  /cygdrive/X/some/file

for example:

c:\dar_win-1.2.1\dar -c /cygdrive/f/tmp/toto -s 2G -z1 -R "/cygdrive/c/My Documents"

  ^             ^         ^   ^                     ^
  |             |         |   |                     |
 ---------------         ---------------------------
here use anti-slash        but here we use slash
as usually under           in arguments given to dar
windows to point
the command

5 - Binary Packages for Mac OS

Binary packages for Mac OS can be fetched from softpedia.

6 - Portage for FreeBSD

Source package portage for freeBSD is available here.