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crypto.hpp File Reference

the crypto algoritm definition More...

#include "../my_config.h"
#include <string>
#include "datetime.hpp"
#include <list>

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 libdar namespace encapsulate all libdar symbols


enum  libdar::crypto_algo {
  libdar::crypto_none, libdar::crypto_scrambling, libdar::crypto_blowfish, libdar::crypto_aes256,
  libdar::crypto_twofish256, libdar::crypto_serpent256, libdar::crypto_camellia256
 the different cypher available for encryption (strong or weak) More...


std::string libdar::crypto_algo_2_string (crypto_algo algo)
char libdar::crypto_algo_2_char (crypto_algo a)
crypto_algo libdar::char_2_crypto_algo (char a)
bool libdar::same_signatories (const std::list< signator > &a, const std::list< signator > &b)

Detailed Description

the crypto algoritm definition

Definition in file crypto.hpp.