Pre-release Phase for Disk ARchive

What is the pre-release phase ?

Before each major release, a pre-release phase takes place for some time during which you are invited to try the source code of what will be the next major release. Pre-release code has been already tested a lot, it is considered to be stable, but still remains the possibility that it will not compile properly for a particular system or that some bug has silently passed all the tests.

If you wish to participate to the current pre-release phase, you will just have to subscribe to the pre-release mailing-list. This mailing-list's purpose is for you to share your feedback about problem you have met and to be informed of new versions of pre-releases that fix the already reported problems (pre-release versions are available through links below).

Current pre-release Phase

Pre-release phase for release 2.5.0 has started!

Pre-release version
Source code
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Pre-release 1

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