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libdar::Egeneric Class Referenceabstract

this is the parent class of all exception classes. More...

#include <erreurs.hpp>

Inherited by libdar::Ebug, libdar::Ecompilation, libdar::Edata, libdar::Edeci, libdar::Efeature, libdar::Ehardware, libdar::Einfinint, libdar::Elibcall, libdar::Elimitint, libdar::Ememory, libdar::Erange, libdar::Escript, libdar::Esystem, libdar::Ethread_cancel, and libdar::Euser_abort.

Public Member Functions

 Egeneric (const std::string &source, const std::string &message)
 the constructor
virtual ~Egeneric ()
 the destructor
virtual void stack (const std::string &passage, const std::string &message="")
 add more detailed couple of information to the exception
const std::string & get_message () const
 get the message explaing the nature of the exception More...
const std::string & get_source () const
 get the call function which has thrown this exception
const std::string & find_object (const std::string &location) const
 retrieve the objet (object) associated to a given "lieu" (location) from the stack More...
void prepend_message (const std::string &context)
 prepend error message by the given string
void dump () const
std::string dump_str () const
 return a string result of the exception information dump

Protected Member Functions

virtual std::string exceptionID () const =0

Detailed Description

this is the parent class of all exception classes.

this is a pure virtual class that provide some simple mechanisme to carry the information about the cause of the exception, as well as some a complex mechanim which not used often in libdar that keep trace, for each exception throwing process, of the different calls by which the current exception has been exiting.

Definition at line 52 of file erreurs.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void libdar::Egeneric::dump ( ) const

dump all information of the exception to the standard error

deprecated call, replaced by dump_str()
const std::string& libdar::Egeneric::find_object ( const std::string &  location) const

retrieve the objet (object) associated to a given "lieu" (location) from the stack

[in]locationkey to look for the value of
returns an empty string if key is not found in the stack
const std::string& libdar::Egeneric::get_message ( ) const

get the message explaing the nature of the exception

This is probably the only method you will use for all the the exception, as you will not have to create such objects and will only need to get the error message thanks to this method

Definition at line 69 of file erreurs.hpp.

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