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libdar::database_open_options Class Reference

options to open a database More...

#include <database_options.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void set_partial (bool value)
 partial option More...
void set_partial_read_only (bool value)
 partial and read only option More...
void set_warn_order (bool value)
 warning about file ordering in database More...
bool get_partial () const
bool get_partial_read_only () const
bool get_warn_order () const

Detailed Description

options to open a database

Definition at line 43 of file database_options.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void libdar::database_open_options::set_partial ( bool  value)

partial option

[in]valueset to true to only load an manipulate database header
if value is set to true, the database loading is quick but only some database methods are available (see the database class documentation)

Definition at line 56 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_open_options::set_partial_read_only ( bool  value)

partial and read only option

[in]valuewhen set, the database is in partial mode and in read-only. It cannot be dumped or modified.
if value is set to true, all restriction found for partial mode apply, and in addition, the database cannot be dumped (written back to file)
partial_read_only implies partial, but partial does not imply partial_readonly (it can be dumped but modification can only take place in the archive header)

Definition at line 65 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_open_options::set_warn_order ( bool  value)

warning about file ordering in database

[in]valuewhether to warn when file chronological ordering does not respect the order of archives

Definition at line 71 of file database_options.hpp.

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