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libdar::database_restore_options Class Reference

options for restoration from database More...

#include <database_options.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void set_early_release (bool value)
 early_release option More...
void set_info_details (bool value)
 info_details option More...
void set_extra_options_for_dar (const std::vector< std::string > &value)
 extra options to dar More...
void set_ignore_dar_options_in_database (bool mode)
 ignore options to dar embedded in the database
void set_date (const infinint &value)
 date option More...
void set_even_when_removed (bool value)
 find data or EA if they have been removed at the requested data More...
bool get_early_release () const
bool get_info_details () const
const std::vector< std::string > & get_extra_options_for_dar () const
const infinintget_date () const
bool get_ignore_dar_options_in_database () const
bool get_even_when_removed () const

Detailed Description

options for restoration from database

Definition at line 178 of file database_options.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void libdar::database_restore_options::set_date ( const infinint value)

date option

informations about files more recent than the given date are ignored. So you can restore file in the most recent state before a certain "date".

if set to zero, the most recent state available is looked for (this is the default value).

Definition at line 214 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_restore_options::set_early_release ( bool  value)

early_release option

if early_release is set to true, some memory is released before calling dar

if early_release is true, this will free almost all memory allocated by the database before calling dar. drawback is that no more action is possible after this call (except destruction)

Definition at line 194 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_restore_options::set_even_when_removed ( bool  value)

find data or EA if they have been removed at the requested data

in the case a file has was removed at the request date, the data or EA that will be restored will be the one of it had just before being removed

Definition at line 220 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_restore_options::set_extra_options_for_dar ( const std::vector< std::string > &  value)

extra options to dar

this option is a mean to provide some extra options to dar from dar_manager

Definition at line 204 of file database_options.hpp.

void libdar::database_restore_options::set_info_details ( bool  value)

info_details option

if set to true, more detailed informations is displayed

Definition at line 199 of file database_options.hpp.

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