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libdar::Ethread_cancel_with_attr Class Reference

Ethread_cancel with infinint attribute. More...

#include <erreurs_ext.hpp>

Inherits libdar::Ethread_cancel.

Public Member Functions

 Ethread_cancel_with_attr (bool now, U_64 x_flag, const infinint &attr)
 Ethread_cancel_with_attr (const Ethread_cancel_with_attr &ref)
const Ethread_cancel_with_attroperator= (const Ethread_cancel_with_attr &ref)
const infinint get_attr () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from libdar::Ethread_cancel
 Ethread_cancel (bool now, U_64 x_flag)
bool immediate_cancel () const
U_64 get_flag () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from libdar::Egeneric
 Egeneric (const std::string &source, const std::string &message)
 the constructor
virtual ~Egeneric ()
 the destructor
virtual void stack (const std::string &passage, const std::string &message="")
 add more detailed couple of information to the exception
const std::string & get_message () const
 get the message explaing the nature of the exception More...
const std::string & get_source () const
 get the call function which has thrown this exception
const std::string & find_object (const std::string &location) const
 retrieve the objet (object) associated to a given "lieu" (location) from the stack More...
void prepend_message (const std::string &context)
 prepend error message by the given string
void dump () const
std::string dump_str () const
 return a string result of the exception information dump

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from libdar::Ethread_cancel
std::string exceptionID () const

Detailed Description

Ethread_cancel with infinint attribute.

Definition at line 41 of file erreurs_ext.hpp.

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