Dar Documentation

Scripts and Examples

In this page you can find several script and configuration files, that have been sent by dar users. They should all work, if some do not, see them as illustration or examples that let you have a base to your own configuration scripts.

You will here both DUC files (Dar User Commands) that can be launched from dar thanks to its -E or -F options as well as scripts from where dar is launched:
Description Author Type Download
Script that use dar to make full or differential backup to CDR stef at hardco.de Script cdbackup.sh
Sample /etc/darrc or ~/.darrc file "(me)" DCF darrc_sample
For those who like to learn with examples (a rich one) ;-) Henrik Ingo DCF sample1.txt
Script to create PAR redundancy data for protection against media corruption Denis Corbin DUC dar_par_create.duc
Script to test and repair slice with redundancy data Denis Corbin DUC dar_par_test.duc
Dar config files for dar_par_create and dar_par_test.duc DCF dar_par.dcf
let dar pause every N slice instead of every slice when creating an archive [This is now obsolete as the -p option can now receive an argument to tell every how much slice to pause] Denis Corbin DCF pause_every_n_slice.duc
Automatic full/differential backup script, with automatic mounting unmount see comments inside automatic_backup.txt for more info, see also this documentation file (same Author). Manuel Iglesias Script automatic_backup
Perl script wrapping: dar+parchive+growisofs Matthew Caron Script dar_backup
Bash script for Linux users to have raw estimation of the required amount of virtual memory to use to be able to save the whole system. Bob Barry Script dar_rqck.bash
To save your home directory without worry (skip trash directory, make full or differential backup), all is explain by the author in this tiny document. Jakub Holy Script DCF
Local or remote backup script (using scp) to be launched from a cron, doing automatic decision whether the backup has to be full or incremental Roi Rodriguez Mendez & Mauro Silvosa Rivera (Cluster Digital S.L.) Script cluster_digital_backups.sh
Shell script to backup to an FTP server Patrick Nagel Script


Enhanced version of the Script done by Roi and Mauro  (see cluster_digital_backups.sh) above Jason Lewis Script dar_backups.sh

A very complete script that:

  • can perform Logging
  • uses configuration files (see attached sample including usage comments)
  • can use Snapshots (if fs_root is on an LVM volume)
  • do DVD formatting
  • can write create a dar archive to DVD.

The design requires that each backup job fits on a single DVD, optionally writing a directory and contents to DVD. This allows:

  • copying system documentation to DVD for reference during system recovery
  • Writing dar_static to DVD for potential use during system recovery
  • Writing /etc/lvm and contents to DVD for potential use during
  • system recovery
  • Options to restart failed DVD operations by skipping to DVD
  • writing and to DVD verification
  • Extensive error trapping

The script contains itself a very detailed user information.

Charles Script MyBackup.sh.tar.gz
A shell script to replace -p option when one need to pause before dar lacks space to add a new slice on the disk. This may be of some use when using support of different sizes to store a given archive. You then need to choose the size of slices (-s option) as the biggest common divisor of all slice sizes to let dar handle this situation quite nicely. Denis Corbin DUC available_space.duc

Auxiliary script to use when calling dar to only backup files that have changed in the last N days, where N is an integer number given as argument to this script.

usage: dar -c backup -af -A `./date_past_N_days 3` <other options to dar...>

Denis Corbin Script date_past_N_days