Disk ARchive


dar, which stands for Disk ARchive, is a robust and rich featured archiving and backup software.

It is composed of:

An increasingly growing set of tools relying on libdar is also available as dedicated/independent projects.

Listing in a few words the features brought by libdar is a difficult exercise, because there is really many ones available (though you will be far to use all of them at the same time). You can however get a abstracted view at the major features.


Before moving to dar/libdar you might consider the Benchmark to see its advantages and drawbacks and how it compares to other software like tar and rsync, for example.

If the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment has some advantages it may not fit well when it comes to releasing the software you will have to rely on, upon disaster. For that reason, dar and libdar are released together after a somehow long validation phase:


dar and libdar are both portable: they have been tested or reported as working under the following environments:

How much

In numbers dar/libdar is or will soon be:

Last dar and libdar are both completely free since day 1, being released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).