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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Clibdar::archiveArchive class realizes the most general operations on archives
 Clibdar::database::i_database::archive_dataHolds the archive used to create the database
 Clibdar::archive_numClass archive_num stores the position of an archive inside a dar_manager database
 Clibdar::archive_options_createClass holding optional parameters used to create an archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_extractClass holding optional parameters used to extract files from an existing archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_isolateClass holding optional parameters used to isolate an existing archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_listingClass holding optional parameters used to list the contents of an existing archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_mergeClass holding optional parameters used to proceed to the merge operation
 Clibdar::archive_options_readClass holding optional parameters used to read an existing archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_repairClass holding optional parameters used to create an archive
 Clibdar::archive_options_testClass holding optional parameters used to test the structure coherence of an existing archive
 Clibdar::archive_summaryArchive_summary class provides information about a given archive
 Clibdar::archive_versionClass archive_version manages the version of the archive format
 Clibdar::cat_etoile::bool_tagsBitfield used to record pointed to inode information
 Clibdar::candidatesHelper class for data_tree
 Clibdar::cat_delta_signatureCat_delta_signature file class
 Clibdar::cat_entreeRoot class from all other inherite for any entry in the catalogue
 Clibdar::cat_etoileHard link implementation
 Clibdar::cat_signatureClass cat_signature combines the cat_entree::signature() of the object with its saved_status and read and store this combinason
 Clibdar::contextualContextual class adds the information of phases in the generic_file
 Clibdar::crcPure virtual class defining interface of a CRC object
 Clibdar::crit_actionGlobal action for overwriting
 Clibdar::criteriumGeneric criterium class, parent of all criterium
 Clibdar::data_treeData_tree class stores presence of a given file in a set of archives
 Clibdar::databaseDatabase class defines the dar_manager database
 Clibdar::database_add_optionsOptions to add an archive to base
 Clibdar::database_archivesDatastructure managing a member of the list of archives used by a database
 Clibdar::database_change_basename_optionsOptions for changing a given archive's basename
 Clibdar::database_change_path_optionsOptions for changing a given archive's path
 Clibdar::database_dump_optionsOptions to write a database to file
 Clibdar::database_open_optionsOptions to open a database
 Clibdar::database_remove_optionsOptions to remove an archive from the base
 Clibdar::database_restore_optionsOptions for restoration from database
 Clibdar::database_used_optionsOptions for file "used" in archive
 Clibdar::datetimeStores time information
 Clibdar::deciDecimal class, convert infinint from and to decimal represention
 Clibdar::defileDefile class keep trace of the real path of files while the flow in the filter routines
 Clibdar::delta_sig_block_sizeDefines how to calculate delta signature block size based of file size to delta sign
 Clibdar::ea_attributsClass ea_attributs manages the set of EA that can be associated to an inode
 Clibdar::EgenericThis is the parent class of all exception classes
 Clibdar::elasticElastic buffer class
 Cent_paramsEntrepot relative parameters
 Clibdar::entree_statsHolds the statistics contents of a catalogue
 Clibdar::entrepotEntrepot interface
 Clibdar::etageEtage structure keep trace of directory contents
 Clibdar::filesystem_specific_attributeFilesystem Specific Attributes (FSA) class
 Clibdar::filesystem_specific_attribute_listInterface to fileystem for FSA
 Clibdar::generic_file_overlay_for_gpgmeGeneric_file interface for for gpgme
 Clibdar::headerThis class manages the header of each slice
 Clibdar::header_versionManages the archive header and trailer
 Clibdar::infinintArbitrary large positive integer class
 Clibdar::labelManage label data structure used in archive slice headers
 Clibdar::libdar_slaveClass implementing the dar_slave feature
 Clibdar::libdar_xformClass implementing the dar_xform feature
 Clibdar::limitint< B >
 Cline_paramAll parameters retreived from command-line
 Clibdar::maskGeneric class, parent of all masks
 Clibdar::mem_uiClass mem_ui to keep a copy of a user_interaction object
 Clibdar::messaging_decodeDecoding received messages
 Clibdar::messaging_encodeEncoding messages to be sent
 Clibdar::pathClass path is here to manipulate paths in the Unix notation: using'/'
 Clibdar::proto_generic_fileAncestor class of generic_file
 Clibdar::rangeStores a range of integers or a set of ranges
 Clibdar::secu_stringClass secu_string
 Clibdar::signatorSignator status
 Clibdar::slave_zapetteThis class answers to order given by a zapette object
 Clibdar::smart_node< T >Class which holds the address of the allocated memory for many smart_pointers
 Clibdar::smart_node< pile_descriptor >
 Clibdar::smart_pointer< T >Smart pointer class to be used to automagically manage multiple time pointed to address
 Clibdar::smart_pointer< pile_descriptor >
 Clibdar::statisticsClass used by libdar::archive class to give a summary of treated file during and after an operation
 Clibdar::storageArbitrary large storage structure
 Clibdar::terminateurTerminateur class indicates the location of the beginning of the catalogue
 Clibdar::thread_cancellationClass to be used as parent to provide checkpoints to inherited classes
 Clibdar::user_interactionThis is a pure virtual class that is used by libdar when interaction with the user is required
 Clibdar::wrapperlibThis class encapsulates calls to libz or libbz2